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Desert Rock<br>9x12 oil on panel<br>available
Desert Rock
9x12 oil on panel
Antelope Island<br>5x7 oil on panel<br>sold
Antelope Island
5x7 oil on panel
Begin<br>12x12 oil on panel<br>sold
12x12 oil on panel
Aspens<br>9x12 oil on panel<br>sold
9x12 oil on panel
Skyfire<br>8x10 oil on panel<br>sold
8x10 oil on panel
6x6 oil on panel<br>available
6x6 oil on panel
Timp Trail<br>5x7 oil on panel<br>available
Timp Trail
5x7 oil on panel
Blue Skies<br>16x20 oil on panel<br>sold
Blue Skies
16x20 oil on panel
Teton Canal<br>8x10 oil on panel<br>sold
Teton Canal
8x10 oil on panel
6x8 oil on panel<br>available
6x8 oil on panel
Backyard Sunset<br>6x8 oil on panel<br>available
Backyard Sunset
6x8 oil on panel
California Sunset<br>8x10 oil on panel<br>sold
California Sunset
8x10 oil on panel

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Trevor Howard fine artist

I discovered early on that I had a talent for art and have gravitated toward it ever since. I went on to study art in college and after graduation worked as an illustrator. I have always loved the beauty in nature and hence, I have been drawn to it. I find that impressionism is far more expressive and conveys what a tightly rendered picture or photograph can't. I keep my palette simple and rely on my brushwork and abilities to see the nuances of color and light to describe the natural world around us. I try to capture the energy and movement found in objects all around us and nature. I hope that you enjoy my work.

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