West Ocean Sunset<br>12x16 oil on panel<br>sold
West Ocean Sunset
12x16 oil on panel
Lazy Day<br>5x7 oil on panel<br>sold
Lazy Day
5x7 oil on panel
Clouds on the Horizon<br>16x20 oil on panel<br>sold
Clouds on the Horizon
16x20 oil on panel
The Tide of Evening<br>24x36 oil on panel<br>available
The Tide of Evening
24x36 oil on panel
Ocean Rocks<br>9x12 oil on panel<br>available
Ocean Rocks
9x12 oil on panel
Phthalocyanine Desert Sunset<br>11x14 oil on panel<br>sold
Phthalocyanine Desert Sunset
11x14 oil on panel
Sacred Mountain Tops<br>20x30 oil on panel<br>Honorable mention 2017 Springville MOA Spiritual and Religious Show<br>available
Sacred Mountain Tops
20x30 oil on panel
Blanketed Butte<br>5x7 oil on panel<br>sold
Blanketed Butte
5x7 oil on panel
Urban Sunset<br>6x8 oil on panel<br>available
Urban Sunset
6x8 oil on panel
End<br>12x12 oil on panel<br>available
12x12 oil on panel
six pm<br>11x14 oil on panel<br>available
six pm
11x14 oil on panel